Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for today and tomorrow

Our mission is to contribute to the quality of life and a healthy society. Not just today, but for generations to come. Besides contributing to this goal with our vision and products, we have developed a corporate social responsibility strategy. This is based on two leading sustainability dimensions and is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:
  • Healthcare system strengthening
  • Patient empowerment and well-being

Furthermore, our CSR strategy leans on three supportive operational pillars:

  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Environmental performance
  • Employee engagement and well-being

Healthcare system strengthening

More and more people need medical care and services in a rapidly changing environment. We continuously look for solutions to meet these needs with high-quality products whilst keeping them affordable.

Patient empowerment and well-being

We strive to improve people’s health and well-being and to support caregivers through a wide range of medical products. Through responsible innovation, we manufacture easy to use and safe products that support people with chronic illnesses or temporary health challenges.

Sustainable supply chain

We closely inspect our suppliers before selection to ensure an ethical production process. We audit this process yearly. We are aware of the impact of the production process on the environment, and continuously look out for opportunities to reduce this impact. Our suppliers sign Medeco’s supplier code of conduct, and most are certified for environmental management standards like ISO 14001.

Environmental performance

We are committed to reducing our energy consumption and CO2 emissions in our daily operations. To reduce our organisational footprint, we focus on areas where we have most influence: waste and transportation.

Employee engagement and well-being

Medeco offers a stimulating and safe working environment across the globe in every plant. We ensure fair wages and working hours at all our production sites.

More information about CSR

Please email us for more information about our corporate social responsibility strategy.

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