General nursing products

Couch rolls

Patients come and go in policlinics or doctors practices. For every patient couches are covered with new paper to prevent contamination and bacteria transfer from one patient to the next. Strong material, available on rolls  in different sizes. 

Sharps containers

Disposal of sharp objects like needles in hospitals or nursing homes need to be done in a safe way to prevent needle stick injuries. Klinion Easycare sharps containers are strong, safe and available in different sizes and types. 


Klinion easy care bibs are used to protect clothing. They are longer than the regular bibs for better protection. 

Vaginal speculum

These disposable vaginal specula are medical instruments used during gynaecological examination.

Ear speculum

Disposible ear specula are used to inspect the ears in a safe and clean way. Available in different sizes for adults and children. 

Dry wash gloves

In an health care environment patients are washed with disposable dry wash gloves to prevent contamination and bacteria transfer from one patient to the next.  

Kidney bowls

Kidney bowls are disposable bowls made of paper pulp and used for the disposal of different body fluids in hospitals and nursing homes. 

Tongue depressors

Tongue depressors are used in the mouth to keep the tongue down to improve sight of the throat during medical examination. Available in adult and child version.

Cotton wool sticks

Cotton wool sticks are used to clean and desinfect small skin area. Available in different sizes and versions.


Klinion Easycare offers extra soft tissues in a handy dispenser box. Extra soft so also suitable as facial tissue. In health care used for drying and cleaning purposes. Can be used in a dispenser.

Pillow cover

This disposable PVC pillow cover protects the pillow against body fluids. If fits all cushions of 34x45cm and is easy to apply. 

Protective sheet

This roughened matrass protection sheet is used under the patient to protect the bedlinnen. It is available in the sizes 80x140cm and 80x210cm.

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