• General nursing products

    Undispensable basics for health care

General nursing products

When you are in a hospital or nursing home you normally would not notice right away the variety of nursing disposables. However they are essential in health care to take good care of patients. Simple products like bibs, table paper, bed protection, containers to collect fluids etc. are crucial in the care of sick patients. Medeco delivers several high quality nursing products in the brands Klinion and Klinion easy care. 

Why do hospitals use so many disposable products?

Disposable products are used for one patient only and thrown away afterwards single usage. Most important reason for using disposibles in an health care environment is to reducte contamination and bacteria transfer from one patient to another. Reverse effect is that our waiste mountain growths. Fortunately technological developments help us reduce the amount of waiste by development of more and more durable disposables. 

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