Klinion personal protection - general protection

Mouth masks

A mouth mask protects the professional against the splashing of blood or other body fluids. The Klinion masks have a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of >98%. They have ear straps or loops, a practical nose strip and they are packed in a handy dispenser. 

Shoe covers

Shoe covers in an health care environment are used to prevent the transfer of contamination or filth from one area to the other. Klinion shoe covers are made of polyethylene or nonwoven and have an anti-slip layer. 

Non- woven bouffants

The different shaped Klinion bouffants protect the hair and prevent transfer from hair and dander. These caps are made of 100% polypropylene, are available in green, blue and white and with a peak. 

Sleeve cover

A sleeve cover protects the arms agains splashing blood or contamination. The Klinion sleeves are made of polyethyleen,  are water-repellent and have an elastic band on both sides for good fixation. 

Protective glasses

A protective glasses protects health professionals against splashing body fluids. The glasses covers the eyes and also the sides of the face.  It has a special scratch resistant coating and is available in different versions. 

Bowl cover

Protective cover for bowls, to work in a clean way to prevent cross infections.

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