Klinion personal care - personal hygiene

Klinion bodyglove

Soft and moist wash cloth used in the personal hygiene of bedridden patients. This 4 in 1 treatment washes, flushes, dries and takes care of the skin. Contains lotion that cleans en treats the skin.

Klinion lotion Wipes

These ph neutral Klinion lotion wipes are used to clean and freshen up the skin. They are packed in reclosable package to prevent drying out. The wipes are strong, soft and skin friendly.

Klinion bodywash

Klinion body wash towel is used for the day to day washing of bedridden patients or patient with too much pain to shower themselves. Body wash is hypo-allergenic, with pH neutral lotion, so friendly to the skin.

Waterless bathing

Patients that are bedridden in home care situations or in institutions benefit a lot from the concept of waterless bathing. After all, with these products patients can freshen up their hair and body in an instant while laying in bed and without using tap water. The Klinion personal care products are easy to use and very skin friendly. Please contact us for more detailed information on this unique concept. 

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