Klinion personal care - skin care

Klinion body cream

Klinion body cream is specially designed for the very dry and sensitive skin. The high amount of grease (70%) prevents rough and cracking skin. Increases elasticicy and moisture balance of the skin. Provided with Nordic Swan eco-label for durability.

Klinion body lotion

This body lotion hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple. With an pH of 5 and fat content of 16% the lotion it is quickly absorbed into the skin. Provided with the Nordic Swan eco-label for durability.

Klinion hand & body cream

Moisturizing and soothing cream for daily use on dry skin. Can be used for the complete body and is free of perfume. Fat content of the cream is 25% and the pH 5,5. Provided with the Nordic Swan eco-label for durabiliy.

Klinion hand cream

A nourishing and protective hand cream based on milk serum which nourishes and protects the skin from irritation. This hand cream is suitable for the mature skin. 

Klinion hydraline skin care

Unique range of skin care products used for diabetic patients and patients with very dry skin. Contains caring and healing ingredients like isoquercitine, tocoferol, panthenol and ureum. Available in hand cream, foot cream, wash lotion and body lotion.

Klinion barrier cream

This perfume free barrier cream protects the skin against moisture like urine or faeces. It forms a barrier on the skin and is used in highly stressed skin for example in incontinent patients. Available with and without milk serum. 

Klinion oil

Klinion personal care oil is protects and nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and supple. Can also be used as bath oil. Contains the Nordic Swan eco-label for durability. 

Klinion zinc ointment

This liquid repellent ointment contains 12% zinc and is used for the treatment of red and irritated skin. It protects and softens the skin. Used a lot for baby skin after nappy irritation. 

Klinion deodorant

Klinion personal care deodorant is a mild and caring, perfume free deodorant for sensitive skin. It is perfume free and contains the Nordic Swan eco-label for durability.

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