Klinion diabetes pen needles

KLINION Soft Fine Plus pen needles

The Soft Fine Plus of KLINION diabetes care is a pen needle that is very comfortable to use. It provides less pressure on injection and due to the faceted point it goes smoothly and perfectly through the skin. The insuline passes better through the needle and because of the silicone layer on the needle skin, no skin irritation will occur. The pen needles fit to all conventional insuline pens with the standarized screw thread. 

- Available in 4 thickness dimensions: 29G, 30G, 31G and 32G.

- Available in the sizes: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 12mm.


Instruction for use
1. Remove the seal from the pen needle.
2. Push the pen needle straight on the pen and twist until it is tight. Than pull off the outer protective cap and set it aside. You will need it later to remove the pen needle from the pen. 
3. Pull off the inner protective cap.
4. Check the flow by performing an air shot. A drop  of liquid should appear at the pen needle tip.
5. Set your insuline dose.
6. Make the injection. Do not withdraw the needle immediately after injection.
7. Replace the outer protective cap. 
8. Remove the pen needle from the pen. 

Tips & tricks for insuline injection

1. Inject in clean and dry skin. No need to desinfect the skin.
2. Use insuline preferably on room temperature; injecting cold insuline may be painful.
3. Shake cloudy insuline at least 10 times until it is smooth and white. No need to shake clear insuline.
4. Squirt 2 units of insuline away with the insuline pen pointed upwards, to be sure the insuline actually passes the needle. 
5. If you squirt more than 50 units at a time, you can better split up the dose in 2 injections. 
6. Although it seems handy, it is not adviced to squirt insuline through clothing. 
7. Inject the insuline slowly and keep the pen needle preferably in the skin for 10 seconds after injection of insuline. 
8. It is not necessary to rub the skin after injection. 
9. Change the puncture site on the skin every time to prevent hardening of the skin (injection sites).
10. Do you have inexplicable changing blood sugars? Check your skin on injection sites. 

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