Kliniplast plasters

Kliniplast surgical tapes

The Kliniplast range of surgical tapes consists of nonwoven, silk, textile and transparent rolls with and without protective covers in different sizes. Nonwoven is also available in dispensers. 

Kliniplast Xtrata tapes

Kliniplast Xtata surgical tapes have an extra skin friendly gel-based adhesive and they are available in nonwoven and transparent. Suitable of fragile skin of elderly people or children.

Kliniplast border 

Kliniplast border is a nonwoven post operatieve island dressing with a non adherent wound pad. Available in all necessary sizes to treat surgical incisions all over the body.

Kliniplast border waterproof

Kliniplast border waterproof is a nonwoven post-operative plaster covered with a polyurethane film to make the plaster showerproof. Available in a wide range of size to fit all surgical incisions. 

Kliniplast fix

Kliniplast fix is an unsterile nonwoven fixation plaster on a 10m roll  in different sizes. Used to cover and fixate different kind of wound dressings. 

Kliniplast plasters strips

Kliniplast wound plaster strip range consists of nonwoven injection plasters (20x40mm) and strips of 20x60mm. Also available in this range is a blue detectable wound plaster to be used in food preparation in professional kitchens. Fast and easy to use.  

Kliniplast wound plasters

Kliniplast has a range of professional wound plasters in rolls of 5 meter to be cut to size. They are available in nonwoven (sensitive), textile (classic) and waterresistant (universal). 

Kliniplast kids

If kids are in pain this  Kliniplast kids plaster with Garfield print can cheer them up. Avaible in box with 100 pieces and in consumer packaging with 20 pieces.

Kliniplast consumer plasters

Kliniplast has a basis range of consumer plasters in special retail boxes. The range consists of some 1m plasters to be cut to size and some plaster strips in different materials and furthermore blister & corn plasters.  

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