Klinidur compression bandages

Klinidur textelast

Klinidur textelast is a 100% cotton, skin color short stretch compression bandage. Packed per 2 rolls in a box, suitable for ambulant compression therapy with 2 bandages that are rolled in opposite directions on the leg. 

Klinidur short stretch

Klinidur compression bandage short stretch is a 100% cotton, skin color bandage. Packed per 10 rolls in a box, with 2 clips to keep the bandage on the roll. 

Klinidur forte

Klinidur forte is a strong long stretched compression of 85% cotton, 7% polyamide, 8% elasthane. It can be stretched 180% to provide strong compression. These bandages cannot stay on at night due to this high compression.

Klinidur standard

Klinidur standard is a long stretch compression bandage made of 82% cotton, 13% polyamide and5% elasthane. It can be stretched 170% to provide strong compression. 

Klinidur adhesive acryl

Klinidur adhesive is a short stretch compression bandage with a skin friendly acrylate adhesive. 

Klinidur comfipression

Klinidur comfipression is a 2 layer stocking compression system, that consists of a white under stocking with limited compression and an skin color overstocking which together provides a compression of 40mm Hg. 

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