Klinigrip support

Klinigrip ideal

Klinigrip ideal is a 100% cotton support bandage for the treatment of sprained ankles or other injuries on joints. They prevent or reduce oedema and give support. 

Klinigrip eco-ideal

Klinigrip eco-ideal support bandage is made of 60% cotton, 39% polyamide and 1% viscose. The bandage is soft and flexible and it gives strong support when treating for example sprained ankles or after surgery of joints.   

Klinigrip cohesive

Klinigrip cohesive bandage is a support bandage that sticks on itself which ensures better positioning and longer duration of application.  

Klinigrip tricot

Klinigrip tricot is made of 100% unbleached ribbed cotton and is mainly used under cast or braces to protect the skin. Available in 20 meter rolls in different sizes.

Klinigrip tricot S

These 100% cotton tubular bandages are used to protect the skin under cast or braces, but can also be used as a short stretch compression bandage. Available in 4m rolls in different sizes.

Klinigrip slings

Slings are used after arm or shoulder injuries. Klinigrip sling is available in the standard nonwoven and textile triangular version (mitella), but also in a more comfortable blue foam version, as in the picture. 

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