Klinifix fixation 

Klinifix hydrolast

Klinifix hydrolast is a soft elastic fixation bandage made of 40% polyamide and 60% cotton. Each bandage is individually wrapped in printed foil for clean application. 

Elastic fixation bandage

Klinifix elastic fixation bandage is made of 50% polyamide and 50% viscose. The bandages are available with and without a transparent wrap. 

Klinifix cohesive

These cohesive fixation bandages stick to itself instead of the skin. They are easy to apply, stay good in place and can be cut to size, so they are economic in use. They are made of 30% viscose, 30% polyamide and 40% cotton and they do not contain latex.

Klinifix crepe

Klinifix crepe bandage is made of 90% cotton and 10% viscose. The material is weaved with small loops. This loops make the bandage less slippery, so it stays better in place in difficult to fixate area's like the head of joints. 

Klinifix eco-crepe

Klinifix eco-crepe is made of 89% cotton and 11% polyurethane. The elasticitiy of the fixation bandage is >180%. The red indicator thread in the bandage serves as an aid for application of the bandage. 

Klinifix hydrophile

Klinifix hydrophile is a non elastic fixation bandage made of 60% viscose and 30% cotton. All packed in printed foil wraps for hygienic use.   

Klinifix cambric

Klinifix cambric is a strong non elastic fixation bandage with neatly finished edges. Non elastic bandages are only used to fixate splints or cast. For other fixation purposes elastic bandages are used to prevent pinching of the veins.

Klinifix tubular

Klinifix tubular bandage is an elastic tubular bandage for the fixation of dressings of protection of the skin under bandages. Every size has a different color code for better recognition. The bandage is soft and flexible. 

Klinifix head

Klinifix head is a ready-to-use head bandage to fixate dressing on the head. For example after surgery on ears or after neurosurgery.

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