Kliniderm advanced wound dressings

Kliniderm foam silicone 

Absorbent foam dressings with silicone wound contact layer for painless removal. They absorb wound exudate and create a moist wound environment for faster wound healing. Available in standard, border and lite version in different size and in a heel and sacral shaped version.

Kliniderm foam 

Polyurethane foam dressings in different sizes, with and without border. Absorbs wound fluid and creates a moist wound environment. Used in chronic wound treatment.

Kliniderm foam phmb

Kliniderm foam phmb is an absorbent polyurethane foam dressing with the antimicrobial PHMB and B-panthenol. It is used in moderate to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds with ongoing infection.

Kliniderm fiber cmc

Kliniderm fiber cmc is a synthetic fiber made of carboxymethylcellulose. It absorbs wound exudate vertically to avoid maceration of the wound edges and the fiber forms a gel to create a moist wound environment.

Kliniderm alginate

Klinderm alginate is a gelforming dressing made of natural seaweed. The gel retains the wound fluid in order to create a moist wound environment.

Superabsorbent dressing

Kliniderm superabsorbent dressings are used in heavily exuding wounds. The wound fluid is absorbed in the superabsorbent polymeres in the core of the dressing. Dressings can absorb more than 30 times their own weight. 

Silicone wound contact layer

Kliniderm silicone wound contact layer has a silicone layer on one side to prevent adhesion to the wound. Wound fluid passes through to the secondary dressing. Used for example for skin tears and abrasions.

Kliniderm hydrocolloid

Kliniderm hydrolloids is a range of different shaped and sized  hydro-active wound dressings for the treatment of chronic wounds with little to moderate exudate. Thin version can also be used to protect wound edges from maceration.

Kliniderm hydrogel

Kliniderm hydrogel is a water based compact gel to moisten a dry wound.  It hydrates the wound and retains the moist. The transparent gel consists mainly of water which has a cooling and pain relieving effect. 

Kliniderm film

Kliniderm films are transparent polyurethane dressings for light exuding to dry wounds. It protects the wound, is semi-permeable and creates a moist wound environment. Available in different sizes and on roll. Kliniderm film IV is a special film for fixation of intravenous catheters. 

Kliniderm film with pad

Kliniderm film with pad is a transparent polyurethane dressing with a nonwoven wound pad in the middle to cover acute and surgical wounds. Dressings are waterproof, so patients can take a shower. 

Kliniderm film Xtrata

Kliniderm Xtrata film is a transparent film range with a special extra skin friendly gel-based adhesive. Especially for the elderly, children and people with sensitive skin. Available in sterile films and in unsterile rolls for fixation of dressings.

L-mesitran oitment/gel

L-mesitran products are a wide range of antibacterial honey based products for the treatment of infected wounds. Apart from killing bacteria and fungi it stimulates wound healing. The ointment can be applied on all dressings and the gel is very suitable for deep wounds.

L-mesitran dressings

L-mesitran products are a wide range of antibacterial honey based products for the treatment of infected wounds. The dressing range contains a hydrogel based honey dressing with and without border, and honey based wound contact layers.


Klinibond is a transparent tissue adhesive based on n-butyl-cyaono-acrylate.  With the special application it is easy to apply in one layer. It secures a safe wound closure and gives a nice cosmetic result.

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