Klinipress traditional wound dressings

Gauze compress

Klinipress gauze compresses consists of a wide range of 100% cotton, 17 thread gauzes in different sizes, number of layers, packaging, sterile and non-sterile, for traditional wound treatment and cleaning of wounds. 

Nonwoven compress

Klinipress  nonwoven compresses are made of viscose and polyester in different compositions. In the range we have 4 and 8 layer compresses in different size and packed in different quantites; sterile and non -sterile.


Klinipress  Exsupad absorbent dressing has a white cotton inner core for better spread and retention of exudate. The dressing is very soft and flexible for optimal patient comfort. Used for heavily exuding wounds.

Absorbent dressing

Klinipress absorbent wound dressings is a traditional absorbent dressing with a pulp inner core. Used for heavily exuding wounds.


Klinipress Alupad  is a non adherent dressing with an aluminium layer on one side of the dressing. This layer prevents adhesion to the wound bed. Also available in a tracheo dressing with a split to cover the tracheo canula.


Klinipress Novopad is a moderately absorbing dressing with a non adherent wound contact layer of polyethylene on both sides of the dressing. This avoids sticking to the wound. 

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