Curion bladder irrigation fluids

Flushing fluid NaCl

Curiflush bladder irrigation fluid Natrium chloride 0,9 g is a ready to use one-piece system with a medication port for simple and hygienic bladder irrigation. The frangible connector shell is easy to remove and facilitates a hygienic procedure. Easy to handle one handed.

Flushing fluid Solutio R

Curiflush bladder irrigation fluid in the handy ready to use system. Solutio R contains: lemon mono hydrate 3,23g, sodium edetate 10mg, magnesium oxide 0,38g, sodium hydrogen carbonate 0,7g. The fluid prevents crystallization of phosphates and stone formation in the bladder.

Flushing fluid Solutio G

Curiflush ready to use bladder irrigation fluid Solutio G contains: lemon mono hydrate 6,0g, magnesium carbonate 2,8g, gluconolacton 0,6g, sodium edetate 10mg. Can not be used longer than 2 weeks due to the high acidity. The fluid prevents crystallization of phosphases and stone formation in the bladder. 

Bladder irrigation

With the Curiflush fluid system the fluid flows into the bladder and it must be left there for 15 to 20 minutes to obtain the best result. The advise is to rinse the bladder 2-3 times a week. The frangible connector shell of the Curiflush bladder fluids is easy to remove and facilitates an hygienic procedure. It is easy to handle the fluid one handed. 

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