Curion Urine bags

Curion leg bags

Curion has a wide range of high quality urine leg bags. Bags for one day or multiple days, transparent or green, with or without t-valve with different volumes. All with consistent quality for use in hospitals, nursing homes and home care. 

Curion bed bags

For bedridden patients the curion range offers multiple urine bed bags. With t-valve or push/pull vale or without valve. In different colors to be used for only one day or bags for multiple days. Bed bags are mainly used in instutitions like hospitals and nursing homes. 

Accessories urine bags

For proper use of urine bags several accessories are needed. Products like for example a bed hanger or floor standard to hang the urine bag or extension hoses. All available in the Curion range.

Soft careline leg bags

In the Curion leg bag assortment, the Soft careline bags stand out because of their unique soft backing material which is very friendly to the skin.  The soft careline bags are available in a complete range of types and sizes. 

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