Curistay Foley catheters

Silicone catheters

These Curistay catheters are made of 100% silicone and are available in different sizes, tips, balloon content and 2- and 3 ways Nelathon and a child version. Silicone is an inert material so these catheters can stay in place for 12 weeks. 

Siliconized catheters

Curistay latex catheters with a siliconized coating for continous urine drainage. Can be used for 4 weeks both for men and women. Available in different sizes, 2- and 3 ways, Nelathon, Tieman and female types. 

Latex hydrogel catheters

Curistay latex catheters are coated with a hydrogel. This hydrogel forms a moist cushion which protects the urethra and the bladder mucosa. These Nelathon catheters can stay in place for 12 weeks and are suitable for men and women. 

Intermittent catheters                                                                      Curion accessories

Curicat coated catheter

Curicat coated catheters are used for self catheterisation for both men and women. The coating is activated by water wtihin 30 seconds. With the blue sheath the catheter is easy to bring in. Made of DEHP-free PVC. In different sizes and varieties, also with sterile water sachet. 

Curisoft uncoated catheter

Uncoated intermittent catheters are made of PVC and always used in combination with a lubricant.  Available in different sizes and varieties for men and women to be used for instant catheterisation. 

Accessories for catheters

To support the use of Curion catheters a wide range of accessories are available like catheter tips and valves and clamps to cut off the urine flow. 

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