Continence materials - light/medium

Absorin  Comfort Finette

The Finette is an inlay used for very light to moderate urine loss. Stays well in place in own underwear because it is fixed with a wide adhesive strip. Urine is absorbed quickly in the active, absorbing core which prevents unpleasant smell.

Absorin Comfort pants

Absorin pants are incontinence products that can be worn as normal underwear. Because of the unique fit and the cotton feel the products are very comfortable to wear. The skin stays perfectly dry and they are easy to put on. Especially suitable for active self-reliant people.

Absorin Comfort for men

Absorin level 2 and Mincy are incontinence inlays specially designed for men. They are fixated with special wide strips in own underwear and they are hardly visible due to the anatomic shape. Urine is absorbed quickly in the active, absorbing core to prevent unpleasant smell.

Absorin Comfort concept

 The Absorin products consist of different layers for optimal comfort and absorption. The nonwoven toplayer is soft and comfortable for the skin and gives an immediate dry feeling. The next acquisition layer provides optimal uptake of urine and transports it to the inner core. This layer contains superabsorbent powder; soft crystals that capture the fluid and neutralise the odor. Soft absorbing fibres give the needed structure to the product and the cotton feel outerlayer does not release fluid, is breathable, has elastic sides and feels as soft as cotton. 

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